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Coil Machines

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B.C.I. Reverse Colour / Packer
Handmade Tattoo machine with 3-piece steel frame. Oil-browned, blue-black finish. Weight about 240g. Clip cord connection Please note that each machine is handmade and unique, and therefore differ slightly from the illustration on the...
€369.00 *
Nettopreis: €310.08
FTE - Wing Fighter Liner/Shader
Liner / Shader: working range 5.5 to 7,0 volts fully loaded 98 Hz good for all needle groups steady temperature while on continuous cycle(40 min run time) Stainless frame iron core, choke and armature copper binders and contact all...
€355.81 *
Nettopreis: €299.00
Golden Tattoo Machine Mustang Shader/Color
The Mustang has all the properties of the Elytitica as the improved electromagnetic principle which all coil machines are based , combined with a lightweight chassis made from AL 7075 aluminum. The ultra-light housing crafted by CNC...
€100.00 * €355.00 *
Nettopreis: €84.03
Golden Tattoo Machine Elyttica Shader/Color
The Elyttica arose from the desire to improve the concept of the electromagnetic coil machines . Through laboratory studies and test s of existing systems , the level of the electromagnetic system could be increased . The Elyttica was...
€100.00 * €355.00 *
Nettopreis: €84.03
Golden Tattoo Machine Diamond Shader/Color
The Diamond is a machine in which nothing was left to chance and every detail has its function . It is equipped with a unique electromagnetic balance , which has been achieved by the laboratory studies and comparison tests with existing...
€100.00 * €355.00 *
Nettopreis: €84.03