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Studio Lighting

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GlamLuxer S
The GlamLuxer S is a small and practical LED panel, including a table tripod, ball head and diffuser. It is perfect for creative workers such as tattoo and make-up artists who rely on good light. With the LED light you have perfect...
€139.90 *
Nettopreis: €117.56
The GlamLuminater is a perfectly lit setting. Whether in the studio or at tattoo fairs, you always have a perfectly lit work area. With its two light arms, it provides super bright light and is not blinding thanks to the built-in...
€219.90 *
Nettopreis: €184.79
GlamLuminater NP-F battery set
The set contains two GlamLuminater NP-F batteries and a charger. The batteries are perfect for the GlamLuminater light. With the Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 2200mAh and 16.3 Wh at 7.2-7.4 V, you can work for a few hours without...
€55.00 *
Nettopreis: €46.22
Walimex pro LED 60W Octagon Bi Color Kit 2
The Walimex pro LED 60W Octagon Set is an inexpensive and complete lighting solution with modern LED technology. It consists of 2x 60W bi-color LED, 2x octagon softbox with Ø 65 cm, 2x matching diffuser, 2x lamp tripod as well as a bag...
€99.90 *
Nettopreis: €83.95
Walimex pro LED ring light Medow 960 Pro Set...
Set of Walimex pro Medow 960 Pro Bi Color LED ring light and Walimex pro WT-806 lamp tripod 256cm With this set of ring light and lamp stand you are immediately ready to shoot! Just set it up, plug it in and get started! Powerful ring...
€288.00 *
Nettopreis: €242.02
Walimex per Niova 600 Plus BI Color + WT-806
Set of Walimex pro Niova 600 Plus BI Color surface light and Walimex pro WT-806 lamp tripod 256cm. With this set of surface light and matching lamp tripod you are ready to shoot immediately! Just set it up, connect it and get started!...
€249.00 *
Nettopreis: €209.24