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Books & flashes

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Tattoo Professionist - Anchor
Tattoo Professionist - Ancor Large selection of ancor templates of the company 3ntini . 1 piece
€11.40 * €19.00 *
Take What You Can… Give Nothing Back by Marcus...
Take what you can ... Do not leave anything behind by Marcus LaCasse The book contains a 168-page full color art collection with over 200 motifs by Marcus LaCasse. His distinctive style combines both western and eastern traditional...
€26.34 * €43.90 *
Tattoo sketchbook Harlot by Tiffany Weigle
a 50-page sketches collection of "hot girls" in the pin-up style of tattoo artist Tiffany Weigl. Ideal for inspirations in the studio.
€26.34 * €43.90 *
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Inkubo - Graphic Novel
Inkubo 35 pages full of textures grapics Hardcover book 22 x 22 cm
€23.94 * €39.90 *
Excavate - Tattoo Book
EXCAVATE Tattoo Book 400 pages of unearthing artistic skeletal remains Tattoos, paintings, photography, drawings and more magnificent mediums Hardcover book DIN A4 400 pages
€77.40 * €129.00 *
Skulls & Roses- The BOOK
Very nice book with 220g heavy full-color printed pages, with the theme of skulls and roses. The book was tied with real leather and has a noble embossing. Limited to 1000 pieces with signature and noble outer packaging
€168.00 * €280.00 *
Scratch Art - A Collection Of Scratch Art
Scratchboard is not a medium that most artists think about much. Many of us played around with crude scratchboards in grade school and never picked up the medium again. However, it turns out to be a versatile fine art medium that has a...
€35.40 * €59.00 *
Roses Rosen, Rosen und nochmal Rosen Hochglanz Bildband nur mit Rosen inallen Variationen und Farben. Für Tätowierer und Künstler Format: 23,5 x 30,5 Hard Cover
€29.94 * €49.90 *
Johnny Quintana - Do Us Part - flash book
Do Us Part ~ The Art of Johnny Quintana – is a West Coast black & grey artist who has put together his second book. This is not a sketchbook, this is a soft cover book containing well over 100 pages of gorgeous women head sketches, aztec...
€43.20 * €72.00 *
Sold Out
The Dragon Tattoo Flash
The Dragon Tattoo Flash Big Size Tattoo book, 28 x 42 cm!! 62 pages full of all kinds of Kois. Must have! 1 piece
€17.94 * €29.90 *
Mandala Volume 1
Mandala flash book with 90 pages in A4 format . Besides an introduction with statements here are many different mandala flashes. 1 piece
€17.94 * €29.90 *
Tattoo Professionist - Owls
Tattoo Professionist - Owls Large selection of owl templates of the company 3ntini . 1 piece
€11.40 * €19.00 *