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Professional Client Chair, black & grey

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The Professional Client Chair is an unique product within the tattoo world and on our website.... more

The Professional Client Chair is an unique product within the tattoo world and on our website. This customer chair is a inhouse production from Tattooland Supplies. Tattooland wants to offer the best chair so your customer can sit or lie down relaxed during the entire tattoo session. And as an artist you don't have to do extensive, heavy actions to place the chair in the right position.

Put your customer in a good position for an optimal working area. Because the professional chair can turn 360 degrees from left to right and the backrest can be placed completely flat down, you can position the client in such a way that it will be a comfortable process for both artist and client 

The chair has a hydraulic system. This consists of cylinders. Due to the pump movement in the system, the pistons in the cylinders will push away the fluid and another part will be moved. This makes the seat height adjustable by means of a foot pump. The footrests are adjustable in length and can also be removed completely. By means of a gas spring, the footrests can be adjusted to any desired angle. The armrests can be adjusted in height by a rotary knob or can be removed completely.

The backrest can be completely flattened with a lever. You can also choose to place the backrest at a different angle to the rear and lock it.

On the head piece is an extra cushion, when you remove it you have a headrest with a round hole in it. So that a customer (when they sit on the chair the other way around) can place the face through it. For extra comfort in this situation, there is a footrest at the back of the chair where the customer can rest their legs on. 

Technical data:

  • Long: 195 cm
  • Width: 82 cm
  • Seat height: 70 - 91 cm
  • Upholstery: imitation leather
  • Function: hydraulic

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